What the next verison of iOS needs

Forget all of those other lists, I know what is best.  From someone who has actually used other devices and recognizes iOS isn’t as great as everyone makes it out to be. The following list will make your life just that much easier:

1.  The ability to pin Onenote sections to the homescreen. I have one section that I use to create tasks in. Having quick access this is really helps me when I need to check when something is due.

2.  I need the ability to pin contacts to the home screen. Yes, I can have them in the action center, but that isn’t any easier and still requires me to doubleclick the home button.

3.  I want the ability to pin map locations to my home screen. I often get directions printed out on paper, but if this going awary and often they do, having the ability to bring up that location and get my location to navigate is great. Yes, I know the maps app saves the last known state, but I may have searched for this location a few days before so I’m not rushing to do it at the end.

4.  An app list please. I like to keep a clean home screen. I have a second screen full of apps I use, but not often, stuff I can’t delete but would like to. Let me remove all of that so I can have an app list to search for.

5.  If I use my thumb print for unlocking my phone, it requires me to do this every time. Please make the lock screen timeout present for this use as well. Just because I can use my finger to unlock, doesn’t mean it’s the fastest way. I might be taking pictures and just turning my phone on and having the camera app ready is great.

6.  Give me some method to actually sort pictures in my camera roll by a folder. If I have some pictures I want to use as a background, I may not want them in my camera roll. I have no way to do this now.

7  I want to be able to adjust my phone ringer without unlocking my phone.

8 .  Fix the folder/file naming in the DCIM pictures folder. Yes, sometimes I do plug in my phone to retrieve photos or more importantly, videos. Have the date in the name make it much easier to find and also not get mixed up with other trip pictures that might be taken with digital cameras.

9.  On the music side, the ability to pin new albums to the home screen for easy access would be greatly appreciated.  This lets me get to new music very quickly.

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Free upgrades to windows 10-is that really a good idea?

I’m not necessarily so sure this is really a good thing for consumers.  How many OEMs are going to update their device drivers or check what is current to make sure they are still operational for Windows 10 compatibility? Most devices probably more than a year old will not get updated drivers.

I bought a Dell Studio 1558 that came with Windows 7 installed. It only got a couple of BIOS updates and no driver updates for the remainder of it’s shelf life ( the remainder of the time it was sold).  This wasn’t long, it was only months before Dell stopped selling it.  I got a copy of Windows 8 through school and loaded it up.  The Bluetooth drivers did not load. The synaptic touchpad driver did not load and a few other drivers didn’t install properly either.

The laptop with Windows 8 installed generally runs ok, but it’s not a daily driver for me anymore.

I have a Yoga Pro 2 that I bought when it came out.  This is now more than a year old and will be closer to two years when Windows 10 shows up.  Will there be updated device drivers for it for Windows 10? I’m not holding out hope with the way Lenovo’s support has been.  There is at least one issue they don’t seem to want to fix (display flickering) is one for me.

I have a Surface Pro 3. This I’m sure will get updated drivers for Windows 10.  Increasingly I’m leaning towards my only PC purchases being Surface devices if I stay in the Windows camp.

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Why do we tolerate the bloatware etc from PC OEMs?

This recent issue with Lenovo has me really saddened by the state of what we tolerate when it comes to purchasing a new PC.

I bought Lenovo Yoga Pro 2 when it came out.  One of the biggest reasons what for the 512gig ssd option they had, at a reasonable price. Very few other PC OEMs offer this option at all, let alone a decent price. I think Sony was the only other one and it was around $2200 for it’s price. The Lenovo was about $1600 I think, maybe $1699.  There were many programs I did not want and a lot of wasted space.  The recovery patrician was 15 gigs and only used up 3 gigs.  I think there were 6 or 7 partitions on the computer and nearly 50 gigs of wasted space.  I paid for that space because I needed it not because I wanted it wasted.

After about 3 days, I reformatted the PC and have been pretty happy even since.  With this latest news about the adware from Lenovo, I can say I won’t be looking their direction when I want a new PC, but I do want a 512 gig ssd option for my laptop.  I’m then down to Microsoft, Dell and Apple.

Both Dell and Microsoft’s 512 gig ssd option cost more than Apple’s option on their MacBook Pro. Hard to image huh. The new Dell XPS 13 is $100 more than Apple’s model.  You’d probably use most or all of that $100 in new software, but after that, it wouldn’t matter.

I own the Surface Pro 3 256 gig ssd option now.  The 512 gig is about $200 more than the MacBook Pro.  Then you add that you need to buy a keyboard for a Surface Pro 3 and you are another $130 more than a MacBook Pro.   Premium Windows laptops are not cheaper than a Mac.

I’ve come to the point in my life where I want to turn new PCs on and use them, not look at them knowing I need to clean them up.  My parents bought a new Dell a few years ago and I spent hours removing programs I knew they did not need.  It’s not the way I want to spend my time anymore.

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Hoping for a pure Windows Experience

Paul Thurrott wrote an article not long ago about the sorry state of your brand new Windows computer when it’s booted up. Bogged down by programs wanting to run when they don’t need to, being hounded about subscribing to trial programs that you don’t need.

I would love to buy a PC from a Microsoft Store. I don’t live far from one, but they never carry the one I want. I wish I could take a laptop to them from one of the PC OEMs and have them order for me. Then, create a Microsoft Signature PC for me.  It will probably never happen.

I hope for more Surface devices from Microsoft. A real ultrabook for one would be great, but more reasonable prices helps too.  I have a Surface Pro 3 and love it.  I would have bought the 512 gig version, but it’s just too much money. You can get a similar spec’ed MacBook pro for less money with the same storage.

Read his article here.

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My Yoga Pro 2 and what Lenovo offers

I’ve had my Yoga Pro 2 for almost a year now. It arrived last year just before Christmas.  I don’t use it as much as I should because of my Surface Pro 3, but I don’t much urge to get rid of it.

One of the biggest things that Lenovo was offering that other PC OEMs aren’t is a 512g hdd option that is reasonably priced. I purchased the 512 gig hdd option for $1599 I think, maybe $1499. No other PC OEM is offering anything close to that.

Even the Surface Pro 3 was $1999.

The 512 gig hdd option is a big deal for someone who wants the performance of an SSD but needs storage space for media.  It was a big factor in my purchase decision.

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Bought an iPhone 6

What seemed like was unthinkable has actually happened. I ordered an iPhone 6 earlier in the week. It should arrive sometime around Thanksgiving or so.

Why move to an IPhone 6 when I have been a dedicated Windows Phone user ever since I started using smartphones back in 2003?  For a few reasons.

1. There are no new flagship windows phone out right now on ATT. The HTC device is coming, but I wanted a good camera and that doesn’t have one.

2. Windows Phone 10 is coming next year. The Windows Phone update system is broken. The fact that Verizon still hasn’t pushed 8.1 to it’s users is just sad. ATT does a good job, but I don’t want to get a new device that is then a year old when a major update is pushed out.

3. I’m ready for something different. I’m very nervous about the huge UI differences, but it’s at least time for something new I feel.

4. I’m hoping the next Windows Phone I buy has a nano sim. I could then swap between the iPhone 6 and Windows Phone when I get it. How fun is that.

5. I’m generally excited about Apple Pay.

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More Surface models please

Microsoft recently announced it’s continued commitment to the Surface Pro 3 and line Pro lineup. I personally hope they bring out a Surface Pro Ultrabook for the people who want one.

I enjoy my Surface Pro 3 very much, but the one USB port is very limiting.  I own a Yoga Pro 2 as well.

One thing I enjoy with my Surface Pro 3 is continued firmware updates. You know how many bios updates the Yoga Pro 2  has had nearly one year after release? A couple to fix problems. My Surface Pro 3 has had more firmware updates released than the Yoga Pro 2.

Also, when I got the Yoga Pro 2, guess how many partitions were on the hard drive? There were 7 which cost me about 50 gigs in unused space.

Lots of junk programs I had no use for too.

I want a premium device set up correctly that doesn’t require me to reformat it to get rid of unwanted programs and reclaim lost storage space.

That’s why I’m hoping for a Surface Pro Ultrabook someday.

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