Bought an iPhone 6

What seemed like was unthinkable has actually happened. I ordered an iPhone 6 earlier in the week. It should arrive sometime around Thanksgiving or so.

Why move to an IPhone 6 when I have been a dedicated Windows Phone user ever since I started using smartphones back in 2003?  For a few reasons.

1. There are no new flagship windows phone out right now on ATT. The HTC device is coming, but I wanted a good camera and that doesn’t have one.

2. Windows Phone 10 is coming next year. The Windows Phone update system is broken. The fact that Verizon still hasn’t pushed 8.1 to it’s users is just sad. ATT does a good job, but I don’t want to get a new device that is then a year old when a major update is pushed out.

3. I’m ready for something different. I’m very nervous about the huge UI differences, but it’s at least time for something new I feel.

4. I’m hoping the next Windows Phone I buy has a nano sim. I could then swap between the iPhone 6 and Windows Phone when I get it. How fun is that.

5. I’m generally excited about Apple Pay.

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More Surface models please

Microsoft recently announced it’s continued commitment to the Surface Pro 3 and line Pro lineup. I personally hope they bring out a Surface Pro Ultrabook for the people who want one.

I enjoy my Surface Pro 3 very much, but the one USB port is very limiting.  I own a Yoga Pro 2 as well.

One thing I enjoy with my Surface Pro 3 is continued firmware updates. You know how many bios updates the Yoga Pro 2  has had nearly one year after release? A couple to fix problems. My Surface Pro 3 has had more firmware updates released than the Yoga Pro 2.

Also, when I got the Yoga Pro 2, guess how many partitions were on the hard drive? There were 7 which cost me about 50 gigs in unused space.

Lots of junk programs I had no use for too.

I want a premium device set up correctly that doesn’t require me to reformat it to get rid of unwanted programs and reclaim lost storage space.

That’s why I’m hoping for a Surface Pro Ultrabook someday.

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Some things I’d like from Windows 8

I’m personally hoping the pictures app will have photo tagging ability.
I’d like to be able to eject usb drives from the Metro interface
I’d also like the Metro file explorers to have expanded details.  Add the “availability” column that coordinates with OneDrive
Hopefully something like that is coming in the Spring update.
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OSX easy to use?

Every time I read a post that exclaims how easy and elegant OSX is to use, I wonder what OSX they are using? The one I used with my mac mini several years ago was anything but easy or elegant to use. 

To me nothing made sense at all. To the multiple ways you could install programs, the extra log keyboard shortcut just to open a new tab in safari, to the right click operation. 

We visited a family in California a couple of years ago. Most of them are mac users. I wanted to get some pictures off of our DSLR.  Took me something like ten minutes to accomplish this.  With a Windows PC, would have been done in at least half that time.

Again, not sure what OSX these people use, but it’s not always easy and it’s not elegant to use.

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Surface RT or Surface Pro

So, I went out and bought RT when it was released, well, I didn’t actually go out and buy it, but ordered it online. I like the weight and battery life. Unfortunately, it does not support my Canon MF 4270 printer. I was really hoping for print functionality.


So, after using it for three months and weighing the pro’s and con’s of the Surface Pro, I went to the local Microsoft Store to buy one.  I have 14 days to take it back without paying a restock fee. I’m 7 days in so far.  I have mixed opinions.


I really like the screen clarity much more on the Pro than the RT.  One day it made my eyes hurt, or I think it did. After that, I figured I’d take it back. I can’t use a device that is going to make my eyes hurt.  I had been using the desktop and had scaling at 125%.  Anyway, I reset the device and packaged it up.

About a day later I unpackaged it and set it up again. I couldn’t let it go.  Certain things are seeming to be more important than I thought. Printing, the screen is still a plus. My eyes haven’t started hurting yet.  Knowing I can run any desktop app I want.  It was always frustrating the know that I needed to change devices to get something else done.  I’m giving up battery life and weight. 

The guy I spoke with at the Microsoft Store said they do have some kind of program for buying RT devices.  Sounded like I could get something somewhat decent money wise.  We shall see. I certainly don’t need this, plus the RT, plus a full laptop. I do need the laptop for all of my music and photos to sync to my devices.

I also bought the warranty package. I was told I could take this back, pay a $50 deductible and get a new battery.  I’m torn, but leaning towards keeping the Pro.

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Blogging from my iPad 2

Just testing out how easy it will be to blog from my ipad2. Its been awhile since I have blogged about anything. I’d be surprised if anybody will even notice that this is written :).

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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